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Augmented reality children's books. BooksARalive

BooksARalive. Augmented Reality Children's Books.

Hi children's books lovers!! From May 13 to 19, 2013 we're celebrating Children's Book Week. BooksARalive wants to participate on this celebration by providing all of you with the opportunity to win 1 of our fabulous augmented reality children's book collection "Meet the animals". What a better prize? That collection is valued at $99.75. Don't you think it's an awesome way to celebrate Children's Book Week?

We'll be participating on the first Kid Lit Giveaway Hop hosted by Mother Daughter Book Review and Youth Literature Reviews. We would like to thank you them for give us this great opportunity to spread the word about our amazing augmented reality children's books.


Do you know what augmented reality is? Ok let us explain it briefly. Augmented Reality is the technology that allows us to superimpose all kinds of objects and virtual information over reality using a digital video source. In other words, is the technology that allows us to mix real and virtual world on a magic one. By now most of augmented reality developments were based on the use of computers and webcams making the augmented reality experience limited and not so amazing as it can be. We have achieved a better experience using devices that children are very used to play with: smartphones and tablets.

At BooksARalive we wanted to go beyond and we have provided our augmented reality children's books with the cutting edge augmented reality technology to make the reading experience unique and unforgettable. We took the most interesting parts of traditional and digital books and join them with augmented reality technology resulting on a stunning product.

BooksARalive are books but not just any books... inside you'll find: fun stories, amazing drawings and many more surprises to learn from and to have fun with... but that's not all... your booksARalive can come to life!! Place your smartphone or tablet over the cover or any drawings of your book, launch the free booksARalive's app and you can feel the magic of books like you've never have felt before.

Enjoy the fun animation of each character in the book, learn more about each character with cute texts narrated in several languages, feel the emotion of listening to the original soundtrack specially composed for each book... not only that but every page can turn into a fun game with varying levels of difficulty.

Our Prize:

"Meet the animals" whole collection valued at $99.75.

meet-the-animalsThe winner of our giveaway will receive a whole "Meet the animals" collection which includes 5 amazing augmented reality children's books.

Size: 8.5" x 8.5" | Pages: 36 | Softcover



Meet the Animals. The Sea.

Meet the Animals. The Savannah.

Meet the Animals. The Farm.

Meet the Animals. The Jungle.

Meet the Animals. The Forest.

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  • Renee C.

    OH NO! Super-bummed that your giveaway is over. It was supposed to end Sunday 11:59 pm EST. Oh well! Your prize looks fabulous - I'm sure someone is really going to enjoy it! :-)