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A long time ago (back in 2013), in a far, far away place (well, not that far actually; it was in Almeria, a small town southeast of Spain, Europe), David Padilla, entrepreneur and books lover, came up with an idea: he wanted to create a book, but not just any book, he wanted to create a book that’s alive. A magical book to learn and have fun with.
He knew the need to involve the best people to create a world class product and so he di. He built up the best team, just picking the best professionals from all around the world… from Spain to Colombia, from United States to Brazil, from Venezuela to Vietnam… he searched and found just the best and teamed up with amazing illustrators to create awesome drawings, great musicians to turn wishes into soundtracks, wonderful writers to write engaging stories, designers to make attractive books, 3D modelers and animators, developers, psychologists, teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, kids… They did samples, tests, focus groups, more samples, more tests and… finally they got it, they made the books come to life. That’s how Booksaralive was born.
The journey since then has not been easy at all, with too many difficulties to overcome and too many challenges to struggle with. Three years ago, in 2015, right after moving to Florida from Spain, David had to stop everything and left the company in standby. He had to work very hard and save almost every penny to reinstate BooksARalive; he went from being a salesperson at a Ford Dealership surrounded by wonderful people from whom he learned a lot, to the most demotivating job ever as an account executive in a media agency with the worst boss in the world… but he always kept with him his vision, his hope of one day being able to take over BooksARalive and take it to the top as it deserves.
It took him 3 years to get back on his feet and to reinstate the company, and finally, here we go; BooksARalive is back and ready to roll out this wonderful product, “The Legend of Jack-o’-Lantern”; the first augmented reality Halloween book ever!
Now it’s the time to show everyone how wonderful BooksARalive is!

For children. We want to change children’s attitude towards books. We want them to consider books like something interesting, entertaining or even funny. Why not? We want them to stop perceiving reading as a duty and start feeling it as something wonderful, something that opens that door to the world of fantasy & dreams.

For parents and educators. We want to give them an extremely powerful tool that helps them to introduce reading to children as a habit, a tool that makes it easier to teach children how to love books.

And for the rest of the world. (Maybe that’s a little too ambitious.) We want people to stop thinking about smartphones and tablets as something for consulting or looking at images on and start perceiving them as fantastic windows that allow us to look through and see a universe of dreams where real and virtual worlds merge.


It is a book. A wonderful book that has the best of traditional paper based books. Colorful and awesome illustrations and a story that leaves you breathless. Do you know why we carve pumpkins for Halloween and place lights inside of them? Join Jack through the story and dive into this ancient Celt tradition.

It is an app. The book comes along with an app featuring the most advanced augmented reality technology that allows you to bring each and every page to life. Enjoy the animated and interactive scenes as if you were watching a movie while you read.

It includes multilingual narration. Listen the story as you read either in English or in Spanish. Stimulates language learning and multilingualism skills.

It includes a video game. Scan the cover and play the video game to help Jack clean out the cemetery by throwing pumpkins at zombies.

It includes puzzles. Each illustration turns into a puzzle with various difficulty levels to stimulate children’s challenge thinking.

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